30 Corte Toulca, Greenbrae – Recently Sold for $500,000 more than competing broker’s value estimates.

30 Corte Toluca in Greenbrae recently sold for $1,995,000 after a complete make over for marketing.  The sellers inherited the property full of their parent’s life and family memories.  Several ‘neighborhood specialist’ agents estimated the property value between $1,395,000 and $1,495,000.   The sellers were recommended to us for another perspective.

We worked closely with the sellers to make ‘adjustments’ to the perceived value of the property by focusing on a higher price point buyer.  The target was to achieve a $2,000,000 sale price while keeping to a reasonable preparation budget and timeline.

A picture is worth a thousand words and simply click on the white arrows to the right to scroll through a few before and after photos.

Recently Sold for $1,995,000